A self-described lifelong learner, Brett claims to have a rich inner life, shaped largely from her dramatic and unconventional childhood. She grew up spending time around some of the most brilliant minds of the 60’s, while unknowingly witnessing her mother’s losing battle to breast cancer.

Brett’s love of books helped her through the darkest times, forging some of the most satisfying relationships with their writers. She explains it this way, “The magic of stringing words together to form sentences and sentences to form paragraphs is a deeply personal act. We witness another’s mind and touch another’s soul by reading a writer’s words. We form a partnership; like holding hands. For what is a book without a reader?”

Brett also subscribes to the motto: Learn to read so you can read to learn. She believes in the magic of the child’s mind, and knows that kids are capable of a much greater capacity to learn and understand than we traditionally give them credit for. She strives to approach all her projects with the same magic.

Brett’s formal education began with kindergarten and, except for summer vacations, didn’t end until she graduated from Chiropractic college in 1983. She continues to take art classes at the local community college, recently earning her associate’s degree in graphic design.

Brett feels her science based education, which included gross anatomy dissection, has been instrumental in her artistic approach to capturing the human figure and reinforcing her confident line quality. Her passion for the sublime nature of watercolors reflects her deep spirituality and desire for mindfulness. Brett will tell you that painting with watercolors requires presence and reminds us that we are not really in control of anything. She jokes that she resembles a dog who circles around and around before settling in the perfect spot and says that’s the way it feels to have found her niche as a creator of children’s books.

Be sure and check out Brett’s other books, “Everything Changes Including Me,” and “You Have a Tube” both are available on Amazon.